Quality control is a fundamental value.

It is the duty and responsibility of North American Produce Co. to receive and to distribute products with food safety being of the highest importance. North American Produce Co. operates in the Philadelphia Produce Market facility, the only wholesale terminal market in the United States that is indoors and temperature controlled.  The plant allows for complete temperature control from product receiving, to shipping to one of the 224 sealed dock doors, each of which have automatic lift plates. 

The organization also maintains in depth and thorough programs in which to train employees and provide traceability for all products distributed by North American Produce Co. To ensure these programs are up to date with today’s standards, North American Produce Co. enlists a third party to audit the organization’s food safety practices on an annual basis. North American Produce Co. has achieved a GAP certification from the USDA for good agricultural practices.



PWPM’s cold chain is preserved by 224 sealed dock doors that surround the building’s perimeter.  This design allows the market’s entire loading dock and sales floor to be kept at 50 degrees F all day, every day of the year.  With trailers snug against weather-tight loading dock seals, produce moves across the cool loading dock to and from refrigerated warehousing.

Temperatures in our refrigerated warehouse are adjusted to suit the ideal environment for each commodity.  This refrigerated environment maximizes product shelf life, assuring freshness from receiving to delivery.



USDA Certified